Knowledge is my treasure and art is my passion. My work is made to entice and pull the viewer into the space that is used and unused. Every body has a piece of art within to be expressed and immortalized. Everyone can be a masterpiece.

“Born with the heart of an artist and the mind of a scientist, Sir Render has a signature style that cannot be ignored. He might best be described as a master of negative space. This, combined with his expert use of light and color, Sir Render creates evocative works of art - sometimes playful, often sensual, always powerful. He is best known for his erotic drawings, capturing the emotion of that moment in time and leaving you wanting more.”

“I surrender my expressions to the interested eye and let them experience what they wish from viewing my works. Hopefully I am giving the audience an all access pass through the sensual portal that is figure drawing.” - Sir Render

Article by Angela Lieben at Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear - “Subspace Odyssey: Art by Sir Render.”

Contact, print order, and commission information:, Instagram and Facebook - @sirrenderart.